The Sheep of Black Sheep Hill

Our adventure into sheep farming started in 2008, with 8 Black Welsh Mountain ewes and 2 rams.  We liked their color, the fact that they are hardy and self reliant, and that we could contribute to keeping this rare breed alive.  We now have 50 breeding ewes, and our flock contains 4 of the 8 existing US bloodlines.  In 2016 we added a number of Gotland Sheep, a breed that originates from Sweden.  In the United States they were first bred in 2003 through Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination.  We now have 11 Gotland ewes and 2 rams and love them; they are sociable, friendly sheep with beautiful dense, long and lusterous grey fleece.

DSC_0087 2.JPG

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are a small dual-purpose breed that provides excellent mild, sweet mutton and a completely black, dense, durable fleece. BWMS are small and easy to handle and are ideal for farms where their hardiness, good mothering and feed efficiency are significant assets.  The breed produces premium quality meat with a minimum of wasteful fat. It is richly colored and full flavored but remains mild even when butchered as mutton.

For more information see the American Black Welsh Mountain Association


Gotland Sheep as well as producing furskins and beautiful fleeces for spinning or felting, are easy to lamb, prolific, milky and very motherly. Their lambs are active and fast growing form birth. These qualities, together with their hardy and adaptive nature, also make them suitable for extensive/rough grazing commercial systems.

Also see American Gotland Sheep Society