Black Sheep Hill Farm is owned by Jack and Irene Banning, New York City transplants who for the last 10 years have called themselves farmers.  The Farm started with 8 Black Welsh Mountain ewes, 2 rams, 20 chickens and one smallish vegetable garden.


Today, we are home to one of the larger flocks of Black Welsh Mountain sheep in the United States.  We also raise about 30 feeder pigs each year, keep over 200 chickens for eggs, and work a couple of acres of vegetables.  Last year we added Gotland sheep to the mix.

sheep2017 (12).jpg


We believe in responsible land use, breed diversity and joy in farming.  By focusing on heritage breeds we not only are able to produce delicious and flavorful meat and high quality wool, but also contribute to livestock breed diversity, which is essential for a sustainable future.


Without the fabulous team here on the farm none of this would be possible - we call them the men of Black Sheep Hill:  Trevor Roush - Farm Manager (center), Gene Hay (right) and Brad Hay (left)