Eggs, Meat and Vegetables

We supply much of our products to restaurants and clubs locally.  Our meats are also available regionally through and F2TBox.  If you are in the area come by our Farm Store, where we sell meat and eggs, as well as veggies in the summer.  

  We welcome visitors and inquiries.

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The Store

The Farm Store is open every day of the week, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep.  You can find our meats in the freezers, the eggs in the refrigerator.  Just pick what you want, weigh it and leave the money.  If you need to pay with a credit card  or need help, call one of the numbers listed on the sign and we will come and help.


Lamb and Pork

You can find a great variety of lamb and pork cuts in the freezers in the store.  We do not slaughter on an ongoing basis and so availability depends on time of year or demand.  If you're not up for a leisurely ride through the country side, call and make sure we have what you are looking for.  All our animals are pasture raised and our pigs also get organic milk products from Ronnybrook Farm down the road.

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Eggs and vegetables

We also sell fresh eggs right off the farm.  We keep Araucanas and Rhode Island Reds, so each dozen comes with blue and brown eggs.  The chickens live on grass during the summer and with lots of outdoor space in the winter.  In the summer we also sell some of our vegetables in the store.  We grow green and purple beans, cocktail tomatoes, garlic and fingerling potatoes